I Read Blogs Like Books…

Blogs are Books Waiting to be Read


When I find a blogger I love, I get so thrilled – that same rush when you discover the book you’re reading is a gem and there is actually an entire series on the subject by the same author!  That’s how I look at blogs now, as wonderful series of books by contemporary authors who I have the happy expectation will continue to write installments in quick succession almost indefinitely.


I don’t find the quality of blog writing to be any less than that of published, famous, or historical authors when compared to the general scope of human accomplishment.  Which means, I don’t think books are morally superior to blogs or vlogs, and I think the experience of the story is just as captivating and rich as any time-honored author’s great works.


Often blogs are the great works of an individual, offering insightful and humanizing biographies crafted at great length and with great care.  These are the hallmarks of masterful authorship, and deserve to be treated with the same dignity, gravitas, and reverence that is placed on works created in other forms such as a weighty hardbound book.


Indeed, these bloggers and writers could fill an encyclopedic collection with their day to day musing, travel adventures, memories of family and children, helpful advice, vicarious experiences, as well as deep thoughts and mediations on life.  These books would of course be populated with stunning visual imagery, the kind that bloggers are expected to produce daily – a requirement print authors often delegate to someone else if they include it at all.


With all that in mind, it is hopefully easy to understand why I read through blogs like books.  These are stories often meant to be experienced as they happen, daily doses of the individuals experiences, thoughts, and opinions, meted out incrementally.  I can’t live like that, I have to read everything all at once, especially if I’m devoted to it.


How I Read Blogs Like Books


I find a blog that I like, and I start at the beginning.  I always head for the archive and the first entry I can find, and read the entire blog forward from that point.  It often takes quite a while to read though, because now I tend to gravitate towards authors who have been blogging for a long time on usually a frequent basis.  So, unlike a novel that I can finish in a cozy long afternoon (as if I had the time!), a blog will take me several sittings, or several months, to catch up on!


I tend to revisit bloggers I like and read through large chunks, leaving bookmarks to where I left off so I can pick up on their life story where I left it.  I used to glance through their current posts as well, to ‘catch up’ on their lives, but now my time to keep up with the fascinating people of world has diminished, so I stick to the main narratives, wherever in time they may be.  I may forget the details of each blogger, but that’s quickly fixed by scrolling back for a few posts and slipping back into the era and locale of the writer.


Many bloggers have decided to capitalize on their skills and publish books – some go for biographies, others venture into fiction (or biographically inspired fiction, of course), or into the realm of baking and cookbooks.  What I see a distinct and utter lack of, however, is these grand bloggers publishing books of their actual blog.


The Origin of the Blog Book


Blog books were a service aimed at middle class ‘mommy bloggers’ who made up the bulk of the internet spending pool, which basically converted their snapshots and gushing baby playdate summaries into chronologically ordered photobooks.  This idea, however, translates amazingly well to blogs with stunning professional photography and hilarious, heartwarming, and gripping prose that’s already published in for the whole world to appreciate.


Perhaps it is because the content is already freely available that more bloggers aren’t offering their content in book format, but let me just argue this – people will buy it.  I would buy it, and I’m a a professional author who never buys books anymore.  I love books though, and if I could read the content I want, in the way I want, and have it in the tactile, familiar, well-loved format of a beautifully hardbound tome?  Yes to that, and I’ll even pay more for the signed special edition.


People want to be able to read a bloggers story from the beginning, just like their favorite novels or celebrity biographies.  They don’t need or want extensive rewrites into a rehashed, ghostwritten, inauthentic actual biography… they just want what you’ve already created, in easily readable book form.



How to Create a Riveting Blog Book


Format the posts into sections by year, season, month, or some other theme, or just keep them by date as they appear online.  Add a snappy little introduction, a table of contents, some thank yous and comments and there you have it,  your blog book is completely done.


Self publish that bad boy or have your agent get it done, promote it all over your blog and social media, and watch scores of happy fans like me shower you with money and admiration for providing your content in book form.  Once again, bloggers of all shapes and sizes – start creating blog books, make it a thing, spread the word.



What Are Your Thoughts?


Coming up soon, I’ll talk about some of my favorite blog authors who I’d really love to see blog books from.  Who are your favorite star bloggers, the ones you come back to time and again?  Leave a comment with your own dream book authors, and if you would read a tome from your favorite bloggers.


  1. momo

    So I finally found this after how long? You inspire me, truly. I have never appreciated the extent of your talent until this moment. I am so proud…
    Now if I can only remember where I’m supposed to submit my stories

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