A Tale of Blue Tiffany Boxes, Lost But Not Forgotten…

A Tale of Blue Tiffany Boxes


Today, let me tell you a story of loss; a story about a trove of beautiful blue Tiffany boxes that are such a coveted delight.  The supple, luxurious, carefully designed exteriors of each box are coated with the most iconic and enviable shade in fashion: Tiffany Blue.  It has been my great delight to amass a collection of impressive size, however, all good things come to an eventual end.


Recently a certain person, who shall remain nameless, was cleaning out and reorganizing the entire downstairs.  Sounds helpful and productive, right?   Well, I thought so… and I was happy at the idea of nice, pristine rows of storage with all my things tucked cozily away.  Something like where they store the Ark at the end of Indiana Jones.


Inspired to Sell My Treasure Trove


A few days later, after getting hooked on Sophie Shohet’s Youtube channel, I started thinking about selling some old stuff I never use on eBay.  Sophie posted a video suggesting the benefits of cleaning out your closet and making a return on your investments by selling on eBay.  It reminded me ‘that’s on my to do list’!  From fifteen years ago.


*Side note: Even if you don’t think luxury fashion is your scene, still check Sophie Shohet’s channel out.    She’s beautiful, she’s funny, she’s doing interesting things in London, and it’s all fancy as fluff.


Searching for Old Treasures to Sell


Off I set to the basement to find some old wallets, purses, and other items that might be worth enough to spend time listing in an eBay auction.  I knew I had a big basket full of random bits including two leather wallets that were still in the boxes with the price tags on.  They were both gifts, brand new and never used.  I never liked leather, even before going vegan, so off to new homes they go.




It took me a while, but I finally found the giant wicker basket that contained this hoard of random treasures.  Beside the wallets, it housed an assortment of wedding guest favors, old earrings, and small travel mementos.  The reason the search took me so long can only be described as malevolent.  I discovered basket, flipped over, worse for the wear… and completely empty.


The Horror of Losing Price Mementos


Instantly my mind raced back to the basement cleaning – the truckload of junk taken to the landfill – and then to the ten different times I made a point of putting this particular basket with the ‘to keep’ stuff and expressly saying that this was NOT TRASH.


These reassuring thoughts momentarily relieved the Tower of Terror level panic that my stomach was going through.  Before it wore off I ran upstairs to confirm that my whole basket of important, useful stuff just got MOVED – not DESTROYED FOREVER.


My Tiffany Boxes Were In There!


As I was on my way up, I realized what else had been in that box… ALL of my empty jewelry boxes and bags.  Since I had just moved all of my jewelry to a wall-mounted jewelry cabinet that I got for Christmas, the sparkly stuff was safe. (The case is gorgeous, btw, and changed my life, get one if you don’t have a million dollar closet!)


I’m kind of a collector, if you haven’t noticed. That’s a nice way of saying hoarder, which absolutely runs in the family.  I save all my jewelry boxes and I always have, since I was a little girl.  Anything nice I bought, or was given as a gift, or meaningful in some way, I kept the boxes for.  Most of these were of course the more expensive items, which come in beautiful and titillating boxes or cases.


Using Jewelry Boxes as Décor and Storage


I used to store a lot of my jewels and treasures in these boxes, or use them to store other bits and bobs.  They made a gorgeous decoration, looked fancy on my dorm room or bedroom desk or dresser, and reminded me of happy times and the items that came in them.


I used old boxes like this for a long time, but now they were just sitting around doing nothing.  They might appear to the untrained eye as stupid little pieces of cardboard and paper, but to me, each one had a story.  I remembered everything I had been given and by whom, or special shopping splurges bought, and special times I had worn those pieces.  Each one was a special memento, the box and the wrapping.


I’m Sentimental About My Memories


I’m sentimental, and when I’m living in an old folk’s home I am going to pick up and go through all these objects I collect over the years and relive the memories again.  That’s always been my plan.  Incidentally, I have a ton of Tiffany’s packages since my sister was a jeweler there for a while.


The majority of the boxes I had down in this basket, actually, were my Tiffany’s boxes.  All of my beautiful blue boxes, bags, in all shapes and sizes, they were all there sitting innocently in that big, vulnerable basket.  I had a few others scattered in, maybe even with some jewelry in them, but most of the boxes were those little blue delights.


Lavished with Tiffany & Co. Jewelry for Years


Tiffany & Co. employees are given access to a store with special discounts, so for every holiday, special occasion, and favor we ended up getting a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry or accessories from her.  We amassed piles of these boxes, in every shape and size.


I have porcelain homewares, elegant silver accessories, handbags, shoes, and an eye-popping assortment of jewelry that you can’t even buy retail. It was amazing, and I highly recommend encouraging your siblings to study jewelry design in college, or get a side job in a Tiffany’s store!




The Tiffany Blue Boxes Have All Gone


I reached the top of the stairs and asked breathily where my beloved basket full of items was, eyes full of hope.  Well, the moral of this story is… never leave a big basket full of stuff in a basement when you live with a man on a cleaning binge.  Put stuff in a sealed, closed bin and label it MINE with giant letters, and hide it far, far away from them.


All of my blue Tiffany & Co boxes, both brand new wallets, and whatever other treasures that might have been buried in the basket… all now found their final resting place in a landfill.


~ Emme, Bereft of Treasure (Boxes)


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